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Comparazione BUS

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Dati e caratteristiche dei Bus di campo

Fieldbus Name Link Technology Developer Year Introduced Governing Standard Openness
PROFIBUS DP/PA Siemens DP-1994, PA-1995 EN 50170 / DIN 19245 part 3(DP) /4 (PA), IEC 1158-2 (PA) ASICs from Siemens and Profichip, Products from over 300 vendors
INTERBUS-S Phoenix Contact, Interbus Club 1984 DIN 19258 - EN 50.254 Products from over-400 manufacturers
DeviceNet Allen-Bradley March 1994 ISO 11898 &11519 17 chip vendors, 300+ product vendors, Open specification
ARCNET   Datapoint 1977 ANSI/ATA 878.1 Chips, boards, ANSI docs
AS-I AS-I Consortium Fall 1993 Submitted to IEC AS-II.C. Market item
Foundation Fieldbus H1 Fieldbus Foundation 1995 ISA SP50/IEC 61158 Chips/software/products from multiple vendors
Foundation Fieldbus High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Fieldbus Foundation In development - lab test phase, Prelim spec available to members IEEE 802.3u - RFC for IP, TCP & UDP Multitude of suppliers for Ethernet components, Extremely low cost
IEC/ISA SP50- Fieldbus   ISA & Fieldbus F. 1992 - 1996 IEC 1158/ANSI 850 Multiple chip vendors
Seriplex APC, Inc. 1990 Seriplex spec Chips available multiple interfaces
WorldFIP WorldFIP 1988 IEC 1158-2 Multiple chip vendors
LonWorks Echelon Corp. March 1991   Public documentation on protocol
SDS   Honeywell Jan., 1994 Honeywell Specification, Submitted to IEC, ISO11989 17 chip vendors, 100+ products
ControlNet Allen-Bradley 1996 ControlNet International Open Specification, 2 Chip Vendors
CANopen CAN In Automation 1995 CiA 17 chip vendors, 300 product vendors, Open specification
Ethernet DEC, Intel, Xerox 1976 IEEE 802.3, DIX v. 2.0 Multitudes of Chips and Products
Modbus Plus Modicon     Proprietary, requires license/ASICs
Modbus RTU/ASCII Modicon   EN 1434-3 (layer 7)-IEC 870-5 (layer 2) Open specification, no special hardware required
Remote I/O Allen-Bradley 1980   Proprietary
Data Highway Plus (DH+) Allen-Bradley     Proprietary



Fieldbus Name Cycle Time: 256 Discrete 16 nodes with 16 I/Os Cycle Time: 128 Analog 16 nodes with 8 I/Os Block transfer of 128 bytes 1 node
PROFIBUS DP/PA Configuration dependent typ <2ms Configuration dependent typ <2ms not available
INTERBUS-S 1.8 ms 7.4 ms 140 ms
DeviceNet 2.0 ms Master-slave polling 10 ms Master-slave polling 4.2 ms
ARCNET Application Layer Dependent Application Layer Dependent Application Layer Dependent
AS-I 4.7 ms not possible not possible
Foundation Fieldbus H1 <100 ms typical <600 ms typical 36 ms @ 31.25k
Foundation Fieldbus HSE Not Applicable; Latency <5ms Not Applicable; Latency <5ms <1ms
IEC/ISA SP50 Configuration dependent Configuration dependent 0.2 ms @ 5 Mbps 1.0 ms @ 1 Mbps
Seriplex 1.32 ms @ 200 kbps, m/s 10.4 ms 10.4 ms
WorldFIP 2 ms @ 1 Mbps 5 ms @ 1 Mbps 5 ms @ 1 Mbps
LonWorks 20 ms 5 ms @ 1 Mbps 5 ms @ 1 Mbps
SDS <1 ms, event driven 5 ms polling @ 1 Mbps 2 ms @ 1 Mbps
ControlNet <0.5 ms <0.5 ms <0.5 ms
CANopen <1 ms 5 ms polling @ 1 Mbps <2.5 ms
Industrial Ethernet Application Layer Dependent Application Layer Dependent Application Layer Dependent
Modbus Plus      
Modbus RTU/ASCII      
Remote I/O 12msec @230, 40 msec @57.6 bus cycle time    



Fieldbus Name Network Topology Physical Media Max Devices (nodes)) Max Distance
PROFIBUS DP/PA Line, star & ring Twisted-pair or fiber 127 nodes- (124 slaves - 4 seg, 3 rptrs)  + 3 masters 100m between segments @ 12Mbaud; 24 Km (fiber) (baudrate and media dependent)
INTERBUS-S Segmented with "T" drops Twisted-pair, fiber, and slip-ring 256 nodes 400 m/segment, 12.8 Km total
DeviceNet Trunkline/dropline with branching Twisted-pair for signal & power 64 nodes 500m (baudrate dependent)- 6Km w/ repeaters
ARCNET Star, bus, distributed star Coax, Twisted-pair, Fiber 255 nodes Coax 2000 feet; Twisted pair 400 feet; Fiber 6000 Feet
AS-I Bus, ring, tree star, of al Two wire cable 31 slaves 100 meters, 300 with repeater
Foundation Fieldbus H1 Star or bus Twisted-pair, fiber 240/segment, 65,000 segments 1900m @ 31.25K wire
Foundation Fieldbus HSE Star Twisted-pair, fiber IP addressing - essentially unlimited 100m @ 100Mbaud twisted-pair-2000m @ 100Mbaud fiber full duplex
IEC/ISA SP50 Fieldbus Star or bus Twisted-pair fiber, and radio IS 3-7 non IS 128 1700m @ 31.25K 500M @ 5Mbps
Seriplex Tree, loop, ring, multi-drop, star 4-wire shielded cable 500+ devices 500+ ft
WorldFIP Bus Twisted-pair, fiber 256 nodes up to 40 Km
LonWorks Bus, ring, loop, star Twisted-pair, fiber, power line 32,000/domain 2000m @ 78 kbps
SDS Trunkline/Dropline Twisted-pair for signal & power 64 nodes,126 addresses 500m (baudrate dependent)
ControlNet Linear, Tree, Star, or Combination Thereof Coax, fiber 99 nodes 1000m (coax) 2 nodes-250m with 48 nodes-3km fiber; 30km fiber w/ repeaters
CANopen Trunkline/Dropline Twisted Pair + optional Signal & Power 127 Nodes 25-1000m (baudrate dependent)
Industrial Ethernet Bus, Star, Daisy-Chain Thin Coax, Twisted Pair, Fiber; Thick Coax (rare) 1024 nodes, expandable to more via Routers Thin: 185m-10 Base T (Twisted Pair): Max 100m long (90 metres horizontal cable, 5m drops, 1m patch)-Max 4 hubs/repeaters between nodes-4Km distancs w/o routers-Fiber: 100 Base FX 400m
Modbus Plus Linear Twisted Pair 32 nodes per segment, 64 max 500m per segment
Modbus RTU/ASCII Line, star, tree Network w/ segments Twisted Pair 250 nodes per segment 350m
Remote I/O Linear Trunk Twinaxial 32 nodes/segment 6 km
DH+ Linear Trunk Twinaxial 64 nodes/segment 3 km


Fieldbus Nameww Communication Methods Transmission Properties Data Transfer Size Arbitration Method Error Checking Diagnostics
PROFIBUS DP/PA Master/slave-peer to peer DP: 9.6, 19.2, 93.75, 187.5, 500 Kbps, 1.5, 3, 6, 12 Mbps PA: 31.25 kbps 0-244 bytes Token passing HD4 CRC Station, module & channel diagnostics
INTERBUS-S Master/slave with total frame transfer 500kBits/s,full duplex 1-64 Bytes data 246 Bytes Parameter 512 bytes h.s.,unlimited block None 16-bit CRC Segment location of CRC error and cable break
DeviceNet Master/slave, multi-master, peer to peer 500 kbps,250 kbps,125 kbps 8-byte variable message with fragmentation for larger packets Carrier-Sense Multiple Access w/ Non-Destructive Bitwise Arbitration CRC check Bus monitoring
ARCNET Peer to peer 19.53K to 10M 0 to 507 bytes Token passing 16-bit CRC Built in Acknowledgements at Datalink layer
AS-I Master/slave with cyclic polling Data and power, EMI resistant 31 slaves with 4 in and 4 out Master/slave with cyclic polling Manchester Code, hamming-2 Slave fault, device fault
Foundation Fieldbus H1 Client/server publisher/ subscriber, Event notification 31.25 kbps 128 octets Scheduler, multiple backup 16-bit CRC Remote diagnostics, network monitors, parameter status
Foundation Fieldbus HSE Client/Server, Publisher/Subscriber, Event Notification 100Mbps Varies, Uses Standard TCP/IP CSMA/CD CRC  
IEC/ISA SP50 Fieldbus Client/server Publisher/ subscriber 31.25 kbps IS+1, 2.6, 5 Mbps 64 octets high & 256 low priority Scheduler, tokens, or master 16-bit CRC Configurable on network management
Seriplex Master/slave,peer to peer 200 Mbps 7680/transfer Sonal multiplexing End of frame & echo check Cabling problems
WorldFIP Peer to peer 31.25 kbps, 1 & 2.5 Mbps, 6 Mbps fiber No limit, variables 128 bytes Central arbitration 16-bit CRC, data "freshness" indicator Device message time-out, redundant cabling
LonWorks Master/slave,peer to peer 1.25 Mbs full duplex 228 bytes Carrier Sense, Multiple Access 16-bit CRC Database of CRC errors and device errors
SDS Master/slave, peer to peer,multi-cast,multi-master 1Mbps,multi-master,250 kbps,125 kbps 8-byte variable message Carrier-Sense Multiple Access w/ Non-Destructive Bitwise Arbitration CRC check Bus monitoring
ControlNet Producer/Consumer, Device Object Model 5 Mbps 0-510 bytes variable CTDMA Time Slice Multiple Access Modified CCITT with 16-bit Polynomial Duplicate Node ID, Device, Slave Faults
CANopen Master/slave, peer to peer, multi-cast, multi-master 10K, 20K, 50K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 800K, 1Mbps 8-byte variable message Carrier-Sense Multiple Access w/ Non-Destructive Bitwise Arbitration 15 Bit CRC Error Control & Emergency Messages
Industrial Ethernet Peer to Peer 10, 100Mbps 46-1500 Bytes CSMA/CD CRC 32  
Modbus Plus Peer to Peer 1Mbps variable      
Modbus RTU/ASCII Master/Slave 300 bps - 38.4Kbps 0-254 Bytes      
Remote I/O Master/Slave 57.6 - 230 kbps 128 Bytes   CRC 16 none
DH+ Multi-Master, Peer<>Peer 57.6 kbps 180 Bytes     none
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